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Funny Quotes1 Funny Quotes2 Funny Quotes3 Funny Quotes4 Funny Quotes5 Funny Quotes6 Funny Quotes7 Funny Quotes8 Funny Quotes9 Funny Quotes10They say one should work hard in life and try best to achieve his goals. This is undoubtedly important to lead a life full of prosperity and dignity. But you can’t be in a serious mode all the time. There needs to be some fun in life. And something light and funny helps you break the ice when you meet someone for the first time. Funny quotes make you feel light and happy.

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There’re in numerous quotes on life, positivity, inspiration and all and to read such quotes is definitely good for you. But you don’t always have to go for serious stuff. It’s good to look for fun in life. And there’re quotations that bring humor into your life and also teach something.

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There’re funny quotes about love, life, friendship and what not. Read funny quotes whenever you feel low. Such quotes lighten your heart and make a good base to make you stand up once again.

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Funny quotes are also great to share with your friends. Your friend group would love such quotes and it’ll add some spice to life.

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